2018 Equip Conference Breakout Schedule


7 pm

Ball D/E  Praise & worship | keynote speaker david young

9:15 PM

Sal 1/2                    Jimmy Adcox | Restoring the Lost Art of Disciple-Making

Most churches have focused more on doing church well than on making disciples.  The result is churches with good programs that serve our own people, but often fail to lead to spiritual maturity, a sense of mission outside ourselves, and growing disciples who make disciples.  Our intentions are good, but most of our churches are are static and losing ground.  How can we restore the lost art of disciple making in our churches?

Sig 1                        Jerry Rushford | Faith & Reason: A History of Christian Colleges in the Restoration Movement

Beginning with Alexander Campbell's Bethany College in 1840, this illustrated presentation tells the stories of some of the 500 colleges established in North America by the Restoration Movement.


9 am

GBR  Praise & worship | keynote speaker slate moore

10 AM

Sal 1/2                    Robert Cox | Disciple-Making Begins at Hello

The Great Commission should change a disciple’s view of relationships.  At the heart of every relationship whether new and surface or old and deep is our awareness of a grand now and forever purpose.  From the first "Hello," we are aware of needs that our new acquaintance is not. As followers of Christ, we know that our new friend needs Jesus. We believe that they need Him because they could die tonight, or more likely, that they will have to live tomorrow.  We know that the abundant life God wants to give them really can begin with our "Hello."  This session is designed to help move you from casual hellos to life-changing ones. 

Sal 11/12                James Moore | Surviving the Death of a Family Member With Dementia, Part 1

When the doctor tells you that your spouse has a terminal illness your world turns upside down. You experience shock, fear,  sadness, anger, and overwhelming emotion. What do I do now? Where do I turn? How long before she/he is bedfast? Nursing home? What will it cost? As you watch your loved one slowly decline, the hurt runs deep and emotions are up and down.  The caretaker has a heavy load, but God walks with you. Faith, family and friends help you through it. 

Sal 13                     Michelle Goff | RESToration as God Designed (Ladies Only)

Matt. 11:28-29 | With so many things that demand our attention, concentration, and time, it can be difficult to find true rest. In this class, we will discuss: What does God say and command about rest? What does true rest look like? And how can we establish an attitude of rest and thus restore our spirits?

Sal 14                     Mike O’Neal | Provoked by a Fool

This session will investigate the story of when Nabal foolhardily berated David and his men, while they endeavored to elude Saul.  We will specifically look at why David responded in such a harsh way, and how he was turned away from murder by perhaps the most eloquent and wise woman in all of God’s Word.  All of us will encounter the Nabal’s of this world, so what does God expect us to do on such occasions?  Spiritual dangers exist in such confrontations; so let’s understand how to develop our hearts appropriately.

Sal 15/16               Julie Young | House of Prayer (Ladies)

What would it look like when the church becomes a house of prayer?  This session will dive into the power of a praying church is God’s work of Restoration.

 Ball D                    Joe Roberts | Navigating Life’s Challenges

Have you ever noticed the seemingly endless conflict between nations, races, political parties, genders, generations, religions, friends, family and even within ourselves? Jesus calls us to live beyond the noise of conflict and challenges of life to embrace a new life.

 Ball E                    Steve Ridgell | Stories That Work

Stories are a natural and easy way to share Jesus with friends and neighbors.  And that is how Jesus taught.  Use your story, stories from the Bible, and stories from your faith community to make disciples.

 Sig 1                       Jack Evans, Jr. | Faith in the Faith

John 20:29–31 | The God of heaven desires that all humanity believe in Him and transfer trust into His Word! In so doing, faith is placed in inspiration and the evidence of eyewitnesses!

11 AM

Sal 1/2                   David Young | Church Membership, Armchair Theology and Disciple-Making

Many of us settle for mere church membership, arm-chair theology or worse—when Christ offers us the thrilling journey of following Him to change the world. Here’s where we can start.

Sal 11/12                James Moore | Surviving the Death of a Family Member With Dementia, Part 2

When the doctor tells you that your spouse has a terminal illness your world turns upside down. You experience shock, fear,  sadness, anger, and overwhelming emotion. What do I do now? Where do I turn? How long before she/he is bedfast? Nursing home? What will it cost? As you watch your loved one slowly decline, the hurt runs deep and emotions are up and down.  The caretaker has a heavy load, but God walks with you. Faith, family and friends help you through it. 

Sal 13                     Tony Holt | Every Believer a Witness

Sharing your faith is challenging, scary and one of the most rewarding things a Christ can do. In this session we will learn how sharing your faith in Jesus with others can be easy, fun, and effective.

Sal 14                     Jim Miller | Why Churches Should Minister to Singles

Why every church should minister to singles! A sampling of singles to include the (younger) widowed, never married, divorced and single parents. 52% of the US population is single but only 15% attend church regularly. Time to change strategies.

Sal 15/16               Donny Dillon /David Capiro | How to Start/Grow a Young Adult Ministry at Any Church

This session will look at 5 ways to start a young adult ministry that have worked for other churches. Most leaders understand the importance of ministering to young adults but need some steps to get started. This session will give you just that. church!

Sal 17/18               John Smith | Born of Water & Spirit

We think we know what it means to Be “Born of Water;” and we have discoursed endlessly on its essentiality to salvation, but we have been strangely silent on what it means to be “Born of The Spirit,” and its essentiality to salvation.

Ball D                    Wesley Leonard | Soaring, Sprinting, Soaring

This session will explore the 3 stages of life, the 3 stages in marriage and the 3 stages in Christianity. Our growth is dependent on us recognize which stage we find ourselves in.

Ball E                     Tim Archer | Church Inside Out

You can build it, but they may not come. If we’re going to get outsiders into the church, we have to get the insiders to go out and find them. This session will focus on how to move our church’s focus from inside to out.

 - - - - - - - - - - Lunch from 12:00 to 1:30 PM- - - - - - - - - -

1:30 pm

GBR  Praise & worship | keynote speaker jerry rushford

2:30 PM

Sal 1/2                    Robert Cox | Building a Disciple Making Community

A community is defined as a group of people having a particular characteristic in common.  The problem with many communities is that the particular characteristic shared has not been formed by carefully formed thought but rather through carelessly repeated practice.   In our physical families we call this dysfunction, but in the spiritual ones we often call it "church."  In this session, you will learn how to break cycles of spiritual dysfunction and begin to build a community where Christlikeness is the particular characteristic shared in common.

Sal 13                      Anthony Fischetto | Growing Close to God Through Difficult Times: The Causes & Solutions of Suffering  

This class will look at the Biblical examples of people who suffered greatly in the Bible for various reasons, the causes of suffering, the need for suffering, the benefits of suffering, and how to deal with suffering and anxiety to grow closer to God.   

Sal 14                     Slate Moore | Restoring Your Joy

Psalm 51:12 | Is it important to have joy in the Lord? Paul says in Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice”. But what do we do if we have lost that joy?

Sal 15/16               Julie Young | Discipleship: At Home to In the World (Ladies)

How discipleship groups work and how they follow the Great Commission, how to use them to reach the lost, and how to use them in our families.

Sal 17/18               Xerxes Snell | Restoring My Purpose

We all have been given a purpose in life and many have lost sight of their God given purpose. This breakout session deals with the purpose and passion for the things of God and His kingdom.

 Ball D                    Joe Roberts | Life’s Not Fair

Perhaps we are measuring the wrong thing. If there is one thing we are born with, it’s an innate sense of fairness. But this innate sense of fairness tends to be ego-centric. We measure fairness in terms of our own wants, needs, expectations and desire. Jesus gives us a new measuring stick that will transform your life.

Ball E                      Steve Ridgell | Stories That Open Hearts

I just want to help people so I don’t need your religion.  If God is so good, why is this world so bad?  If you only knew how bad I really am.  There are stories that help get people ready to hear the good news of Jesus.

Sig 1                        Keith Lancaster | Mobilizing the Church to Sing

Everyone’s voice is important in the royal priesthood. Teaching a cappella for future generations is a priority! 

3:30 PM

Sal 1/2                   Jimmy Adcox | How To Help Your Church Get Back on Mission

Doing church well is not enough.  Meeting the needs of our church families is not enough.  God has called us to join his mission to make disciples as his way of bringing reconciliation and restoration to this fallen world.  How can we recapture an adventurous vision for God’s work in the world and help our churches get back on mission again?

Sal 13                     Dirk Smith | “Beyond the Flag…Behold the Cross.”

We treat freedom as if it is solely an American commodity. What does true freedom actually look like when placed at the foot of the cross?

 Sal 14                    Dean Miller | Life, Love and Loss

Life is a wonderful gift from God. It is full of blessings, more than we often realize. We are blessed beyond both measure and merit. Life also has its burdens. Sometimes those burdens seem innumerable and unfair. They can get the best of us if we are not adequately prepared.

 Sal 15/16              Owen/Lauren Mitchell | Beauty and the Beast: A Godly Marriage in An Ungodly Culture

Does your marriage stand out from the culture around you or is it barely distinguishable?  What makes a marriage stand out?  And how do we not only protect our marriages from the influences we can't escape, but exert Godly influence through our marriages?

 Sal 17/18               John Smith | Pray In The Spirit

Why do you suppose that you have rarely, if ever, heard a sermon on this topic? Everything Paul prays for in Ephesians 3 – including “strengthened with power;” the ability to “comprehend the love of Jesus;” and being filled, “with the fullness of God;” is accomplished through the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Ball D                     Sam Hall | Building Up Your Spiritual Team

The Sorghum Principles Series shares 12 lessons of spiritual growth gleaned from the true story of the sorghum seed. This workshop explains God’s Drought-tolerance Plan for our lives. Christians are also a type of seed and we are equipped with a Dormancy Strategy as we go through four distinct seasons: Planning, Planting, Waiting and Harvest.  Working While Waiting is one of the 12 Spiritual Sorghum Principles that will be illustrated and discussed. Come and explore the other principles in this dynamic and interactive session. And learn the Secrets of the Seeds and find out if you are truly getting watered or just getting wet!

Ball E                     Tim Archer | Gifts + Needs = Calling

Our churches must develop more ministries that function out in the community. In this session, we will discuss how leaders can encourage church members to discover the ministry that God has gifted them with.

Sig 1                        Jack Evans, Jr. | I Have Kept The Faith

2 Timothy 4:7–8 | As the apostle Paul nears the end of his life, he assures Timothy and all believers that he was diligent in protecting and guarding the treasure entrusted to him and exhorts us to do the same if we want the ultimate prize!

7 pm

GBR  Praise & worship with keith lancaster | keynote speaker wesley leonard

9:15 PM

Sal 1/2                    David Young | Making Disciples as Jesus Did—Relational Discipleship

Many of us settle for mere church membership, arm-chair theology or worse—when Christ offers us the thrilling journey of following Him to change the world. Here’s where we can start.

Sal 17/18               James Moore | Understanding Islam #1

In order to "Equip" ourselves about Islam and Muslims, we need to know who they are, what they believe and teach, and how can we effectively share the gospel with them. This 2-part series will be informative, inspirational and easy to understand. Some of the topics will be: What is Islam? Who is Allah? Why is Islam the fastest growing religion in the world? Do all Muslins believe the same thing? What is Jihad and ISIS? I hear Islam is a religion of peace...how can that be? What is the ultimate goal of Islam? How can I share my faith with a Muslim? Will they listen? Each session will include a Q & A period.

Sig 1                        Jerry Rushford | A History of the Restoration Movement in Russia (1874–1929)

The emergence of “Gospel Christians” in Russia was a restoration movement began by Lord Radstock (1833-1913) and Colonel Pashkov (1831-1902) and continued by Ivan Prokanov (1869-1935). By 1928 they had 600 evangelist working in Russia, with two million members in that country and neighboring Slavic countries.                        

Off Site                 Jim Miller | "Christian Night Out" for Singles and College Age

After the keynote session here’s you chance to meet up at Disney Springs for “The Great Ghirardelli Chocolate Rendezvous”.  Connect with your friends and get to know new Christians from all over the Southeast. Transportation is not provided but we promise there will be plenty of chocolate for you to buy.


9 am

GBR  Praise & worship | keynote speaker john smith

10 AM

 Sal 1/2                  Robert Cox | How to Raise Leaders Through Disciple-Making

"Again the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the LORD," is the most repeated phrase in the book of Judges and is always preceded by the same event, the death of a leader.  Leaders naturally die, but leaders have to be intentionally raised up.    In this session we will look at Jesus process of raising up and reproducing world-changing leaders.

Sal 13                     Tony Holt | Every Believer a Witness "How It Works"

In this session we learn how to share our faith with others with very practical steps you can use to lead that person to Christ. This session will fill you with confidence to join in the work of Jesus to save lost people. This class is the nuts and bolts of sharing your faith.

Sal 14                     Slate Moore | Desiring Restoration

John 5:1—15 | Have you ever said, “I want to change my life, but I just don’t have the strength?” Jesus says, “If you have the will, I will give you the power to change”.

Sal 15/16               Julie Young | Praying for Our Families (Ladies)

In this session we will discuss specific tools for praying big for our families in a challenging world.

Sal 17/18               James Moore | Understanding Islam #2

Ball D                    Joe Roberts | Reclaiming Jesus' Calling

Our churches are dying while looking more like “country clubs” then the light of Jesus to our culture. We are becoming a church that needs to be served instead of serving, a church that embraces its preferences over it’s responsibilities. Come let us reclaim Jesus high calling for His church again

 Ball E                    Steve Ridgell | Stories That Show the Real Jesus

The Jesus that knows them, loves them, and died for their sins.  There are stories that plant Jesus seeds in receptive hearts. 

Sig 1                        Jack Evans, Jr. | The God of a Second Chance

Luke 4:33–37 | We serve a God who gives 2nd chances! And there is a reason why He is ready, willing and able to give any and every obedient believer another chance in this life!

11 AM

 Sal 1/2                   David Young | A New Restoration Movement

Many of us sense it is time for a renewal movement in the church. Let’s talk about how to join forces and start a new restoration.

 Sal 13                     Anthony Fischetto | Top Ten Tips to Transform Your Marriage

Discover what the most successful marriages have in common and how you can apply these same principles to transform your marriage into one of love and joy.  

 Sal 14                     Mike O’Neal | Faith and Stone Throwers

This session will investigate the obscure story of Shimei, and his encounter with David, as the king fled Jerusalem for his life during Absalom’s rebellion.  We will look at how David turned a vicious verbal attack aimed directly at him into an opportunity to respond with an act of faith.  Christian are often poorly perceived by the world; why is this?  Our speech patterns will be explored to determine how we may negatively shape the world against Christianity, and what we need to do to change it.

Sal 15/16               Owen/Lauren Mitchell | Show Me the Money: Live Differently So You Can Live Differently

Ask yourself some questions -- Do I love money?  Do I like money?  Am I realistic about money?  Am I a good steward of money?  Let's talk about a game plan to restore your finances so you have the freedom to live differently.

Sal 17/18               John Smith | Led By The Spirit

In Romans eight, Paul says, those who are LED by the Spirit of God, are sons of God.” Does that mean that being “led by The Spirit,” is essential to salvation? What does being led by the Spirit mean? How would I know if the Spirit was leading me? What does He lead me to do?

Ball D                     Wesley Leonard | What Do You See @ Your Red Sea

This session will examine our faith when facing a crisis. We will seek to reveal that faith does not change what you see, but rather how you process what you see.

 Ball E                     Tim Archer | Evangelism For the Long Haul

While we love to hear dramatic conversion stories, most people come to Christ through a process that can take weeks, months, or even years. This third session examines how we work with people who are at different places in their journey toward God.

Sig 1                       Jerry Rushford | Alexander Campbell in the Old Country (The Historic Four-Month Journey in 1847)

After sailing to America in 1809, Alexander Campbell returned to the "Old Country" on just one occasion in 1847.  There were many high points on his journey like preaching to audiences of more than 2,000 and meeting many church leaders in the British Churches of Christ.


 - - - - - - - - - - Lunch from 12:00 to 1:30 PM- - - - - - - - - -

1:30 pm

GBR  Praise & worship | keynote speaker david young

2:30 PM                

 Sal 1/2                    Jimmy Adcox | Make Disciples and Plant Churches

The kingdom of God advances in the world through multiplying disciples, leaders, and churches.  There is no other way to fulfill the mission of God.  How can we recapture a multiplying vision that begins where we are? 

 Sal 13                     Kay Gowen | Abundant Living: Making the Most of the Rest of Our Lives

As more and more Christians are retiring with years of active life left to live, it’s important that we stay active in the Kingdom of God. When planning retirement we have to go past the normal financial planning and plan how we will remain active serving God. This class is for anyone who wants to start or retune one of your congregation’s most important workforce, seniors!!! Kay Gowen, from Harding University’s Abundant Living program will facilitate this discussion with time for your input and questions.       

Sal 14                     Slate Moore | Restoring the Lost

James 5:19–20 | Do you love others? Do you love them enough to confront them about the direction their heading? But how do you confront without hurting the relationship? 

Sal 15/16                Julie Young | Surviving and Thriving: Married to a Church Leader (Ladies)

I am married to a minister. Perhaps you are too or an elder, deacon, or other church leader. Being their wife isn’t always easy but with a few practical tips you can grow and thrive in your God given role.

Sal 17/18                Xerxes Snell | From Facebook to God’s Book: How to Bridge the Generation Gap

Many churches are on the brink of collapse because we have little to no connection with Millennials. This breakout session shows the necessity and a way to bridge the generation gap.

 Ball D                    Jim Miller | Encouragement in the Life of a Single Person

Too often singles are approached as incomplete. The Bible teaches that a person can be whole and satisfied while they are single. Also, singles are freer to serve. 

Ball E                      Steve Ridgell | Stories That Move People to Follow Jesus

We do not want our friends just to know about Jesus.  We want them to follow him.  Stories that water seeds sown in hearts.  Stories that lead people to say yes to Jesus.

Sig 1                        Jack Evans, Jr. | Real Security

John 14:15–18 | There is a supernatural person that God gives to every true and obedient believer to assure His abiding presence and His eternal and immediate consistent protection!

3:30 PM

Sal 1/2                    Robert Cox | Why Jesus (and I) Love Small Groups

At the beginning of his public ministry, Jesus formed a small group.  One of the last events before his death and first after his resurrection was an upper room meeting with His small group.  Shortly after his resurrection, Jesus once again got together with His small group.  The only people that Jesus took with him to his ascension was…that's right…His small group.   From the beginning to end and almost everywhere in between, we see Jesus functioning within a small group.  In this session, we will take a look His John 13 upper room small group meeting to discover the benefits of an effective small group and how they contribute to making disciples.

Sal 13                       Jerry Callens | Restoring the Fatherless

In this session we will look at the “Impact” of the fatherless on society. We will look the “importance” of the fatherless to God. And we will discuss “our role” in light of James 1.27. 

Sal 14                     Dean Miller | What Are We Doing for the Widowed?

Right religion, among other things, requires caring for those in unusually difficult life circumstances (James 1:27). In our local churches what are we doing to minister to those who have experienced the heartbreaking loss of their mate by death? This session will discuss the "nuts and bolts" of a local widowhood ministry idea that can be a blessing to those in the church who have experienced love and loss as well as an effective outreach into the community.                     

Sal 15/16               Owen/Lauren | Transformers: Making Your Marriage a Great Story

We like good stories.  We root for the underdog, we want the guy to get the girl.  Good stories engage us, challenge us, encourage us, sometimes show us ourselves.  There are certain elements that go into a good story and we're going to look at how those elements can be applied personally, because your marriage tells a story... is it the one you want it to tell?  It can be, regardless of how it may read right now.  Every marriage has a story... what's yours?

Sal 17/18               John Smith | Worship In the Spirit

In Philippians 3, Paul says that it is people who have been “born of God,” who “worship by – in - the Spirit of God.” What does it mean to “worship in the Spirit of God?” How is that connected to “presenting our bodies as spiritual sacrifices as spiritual worship?”

Ball D                    Roxy Hall | Mental Health First Aid: How to Serve Those in Crisis

This course will introduce participants to a tool that can positively impact the health and wellness of their congregations. Mental Health First Aid is a public education program that introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental illnesses, builds understanding of their impact, and overviews common supports. This training uses role-playing and simulations to demonstrate how to offer initial help in a mental health crisis and connect persons to the appropriate professional, peer, social, and self-help care. The program also teaches the common risk factors and warning signs of specific types of illnesses, like anxiety, depression, substance use, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and schizophrenia.

Ball E                     Tim Archer | Starting (Or Restarting) With Jesus

Jesus called us to make disciples by baptizing and teaching obedience. Far too often, our evangelistic strategies end at the baptistery. This session will look at how we help new Christians (and Christians seeking renewal) begin their lifelong imitation of Christ.

Sig 1                        Keith Lancaster | The Vital Role of Worship Leader

Exploring the ministry of planning, leading and setting the tone for vibrant worship.

7 pm

GBR  Praise & worship with keith lancaster | keynote speaker jack evans

9 pm

GBR    AcaJam | Hosted by Keith Lancaster and Wesley Leonard

Featuring Revelation, Halal, Exalted, and Heavenly Harmony


9 am

GBR  Praise & worship with keith lancaster | keynote speaker jimmy Adcox