Whether you desire an undergraduate or graduate degree, you’ll find one focus at Heritage Christian University—Bible. Here searching for souls means equipping those who will prepare others for eternity. Most on-campus students enjoy their tuition-paid, thanks to the Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship, for full-time, campus students covers ALL tuition remaining after a Pell Grant has been applied. Graduates leave debt-free and equipped for evangelism and building churches stateside and internationally. It’s all about souls. And it starts with you! 

Where will your passion for souls take you? Join HCU on campus or via distance learning to begin your real-world ministry today.To learn more about HCU, please visit www.hcu.edu.


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Eastern European mission

The Bible, We Want Everyone to Get It

Since 1961, Eastern European Mission (EEM) has been providing God’s Word to the people of Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe in their own languages.  Now, EEM provides Bibles and an array of biblical literature in more than 20 languages – free of charge – to individuals, families, churches, campaign groups, children in youth camps, public schools and universities, orphanages, hospitals, prisons, and anywhere else Bibles are needed – free to all.
EEM is working with national leaders in countries like Ukraine, Romania, Croatia and Greece to place Bibles in public schools as part of their character and ethics courses. EEM is also currently fulfilling requests for Bibles for the flood of refugees from the Middle East entering Europe. 

To learn more about EEM, please visit www.eem.org.

World bible school

You can share Jesus. It’s simple with World Bible School. Eight thousand everyday Christians use WBS’ interactive Bible lessons for sharing the Good News of Jesus and the Bible. They encourage over one million Bible students as online friends and “pen-pals” by mail. Seekers are waiting now. Apply at www.worldbibleschool.netChurches are reaching their community using Connect US. Learn more at www.worldbibleschool.net/connect.



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Logos’ smart tools and features help you dig into Scripture and connect your life to God’s Word. You can explore a vast theological library, dig into original languages, craft powerful messages, and conduct scholarly research. Your resources are all connected, so you get the most out of your study.