Abundant living senior outreach


The Abundant Living outreach for Christian seniors operates under the umbrella theme of “Making the Most of the Rest of Our Lives” as we target those who have retired from their professions or are nearing their retirement. We use various slogans to get our focus across – “RETIRED but still working for the Lord,” “Enriching the Lives of Christian Seniors,” and “Mobilizing Christian Seniors to Make an Eternal Difference Every Day of Our Lives,” as we offer programs for specific groups such as grandparents, widows and widowers, and occasional outings to the Ark & Creation Museum, the Stone/Campbell Restoration Trail and the Passion Play & Bible Museum. Our quarterly magazine helps to encourage, inspire, equip and challenge us to greater service in the Kingdom during the fall and winter of our lives. Check out our Website at www.abundantlivingseniors.com and like us on Facebook. Please stop by our exhibit while you are at the 2018 EQUIP conference. God bless.


"...Am I my brother's keeper?" (Genesis 4:9)

God expects you to be ambassadors.  Take a stand and proclaim God's truth to others.

Designed to assist with your quest, this dynamic innovative guide encourages you to cultivate Self-Improvement, Spiritual Guidance, and Soul Winning.  Make a significant endeavor toward these attributes necessary to nurture personal growth, while contributing toward the transformation of your life and the life of others.

"We Are Our BROTHER'S KEEPER", is laid out in a format that encompasses a year long journey.  It is composed of 2 sets of alphabets 'A to Z', followed by inspirational quotes.  Through-out the year, you may choose a weekly alphabet with its quote, featuring Biblical Scriptures and a blank journaling NOTE page for reflections.  Also, included in the guide is  God's 5-Step Plan for Salvation.

bernitha washington

Eastern European Mission


Eastern European Mission (EEM) prints and delivers Bibles and Bible-based materials to 30 countries in over 20 languages - free to all. In 2017, EEM partnered with a vast network of organizations to distribute over 1 million books to individuals, families, refugee communities, churches, public schools, prisons, orphanages and more. As followers of Jesus, we at EEM share God’s Word with the people of  Europe and seek to educate and inspire God’s servants everywhere to partner with us in His ministry. 

The Bible. We Want Everyone To Get It.


Herald of Truth

Herald of Truth ministries helps congregations become better at sharing God’s story in today’s world.  You choose from four practical, pew-tested seminars that inspire, encourage and motivate your desire to tell your story.  We also lead evangelistic campaigns in towns across America as well as in Central and South America, Cuba, Southeast Africa and Europe.  In 2017, over 13 million people heard God’s story because you cared.

Evangelism.  I love to Tell the Story.


Heritage Christian University


Whether you desire an undergraduate or graduate degree, you’ll find one focus at Heritage Christian University—Bible. Here searching for souls means equipping those who will prepare others for eternity. Most on-campus students enjoy their tuition-paid, thanks to the Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship, for full-time, campus students covers ALL tuition remaining after a Pell Grant has been applied. Graduates leave debt-free and equipped for evangelism and building churches stateside and internationally.

It’s all about souls. And it starts with you!

Where will your passion for souls take you? Join HCU on campus or via distance learning to begin your real-world ministry today.

To learn more about HCU, please visit www.hcu.edu.


Mision Para Cristo

Kingdom ♥️ Kids

* Serving the underserved

* Serving with Christ as the Center

* Serving the church.  

Sponsor a child today - Change a life today and for eternity.

Mision para Cristo -  Sharing Jesus as we Serve People in Nicaragua and Honduras since 1997

Sunset International Bible InstitutE


At Sunset International Bible Institute, we are actively addressing the need of churches to fill our pulpits with well-equipped men who are able to teach the Word of God  that was used to turn “the whole world upside down” (Acts 17:6 ESV).  Partner with us as we strive to fulfill the mission of the church in our pulpits and around the world.

What better way to change your world than through changing the hearts of men.



Widowhood Workshop


The Widowhood Workshop ministry exists for three fundamental purposes: (1) Raise awareness of the unique struggles of widowhood by looking at both the divine perspective and personal experience, (2) Encourage more effective ministry to the widowed, (3) Help married couples more deeply appreciate their mate and their marriage before one of them suffers loss.

Some workshop scheduling is still available in 2018.



The Worldwide Spanish Literature Ministry supports evangelistic efforts through translation, publication, and distribution of Spanish literature, to save souls and glorify God.  The Ministry has been active for over fifty years and during that period of time, our work has gained recognition among those involved in Spanish work, as one of the most complete sources of sound gospel literature in the brotherhood. Many missionaries have used our tracts and Bible studies to spread the gospel.

Worldwide spanish literature minitsry